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Suction Machine

A High Velocity Sewer Jetting cum deep Suction Machine is suitable for removing blockage, soluble grease , sand and other material from storm and coined sewer from pipe drains. The pumps are designed for continuous and speedy work. With the help of these machine the cleaning of sewer can be done in minutes.

The superSucker machine is equipped with high pressure jetting machine for effective cleaning of the blockages of the sewer lines. A vacuum pump is provided for deep suction. There is also a provision of crane facility for lifting the manhole lids.

The equipment is incorporated with all safety features to protect the water entering into the vacuum pump.

  1. Level indicato
  2. Primary shutoff valve
  3. Secondary shutoff valve.

The equipment is is incorporated with all safety features for the jetting pump.

  1. Flexible water level indicator
  2. Audio/ visual type water alarm
  3. Pressure relief valve

The machine has imported Vacuum pump, Jetting pump, pressure release valve and vacuum release valve, suction filter and thermo plastic with bursting pressure of 400 bars . Apart from the jetting hose ,machine is equipped with hand triggered gun, which is used for cleaning and washing. We provide quick couplers for easy attachment/detachment of the suction pipes.


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Salient Features

Capable of sucking particles form 50 mm in dia and from a distance of more then 200 feet and a depth upto 50 feet.

vacuum tank capacity from 5000 ltrs. to 20000 ltrs. and more as per spacific requirement.

maintenance free air cooled lobe pump.


Available on light and heavy commercial vehicle designed as per customer requirement.


Truck Mounted Cap. :500 / 20000 LTRS