Maniar | Quality
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Quality Policy

We at “Maniar” believe in giving World-Class Quality Products to our valued customers. Hence we have a strict quality check on all our products. Keeping in mind the TQM (Total Quality Management) Principles, we have strategically planned to attain maximum quality through the implementation of our Quality Policy.

Our quality policies are :

Initiate a quality plan.

Define and clarify our objectives.

Assign Experienced key personnel to the project.

Clearly define their role and responsibilities and set up a system of communications with the other design teams.

Eliminate departmental barriers, and emphasize teams representing different areas.

Provide management, which is committed to maintaining the quality of both our service and our product and ensuring that our input into the project will be carried out in the required time-frame to fulfill the Client’s objectives.

Carry out the above in a clear and demonstrable way and to undertake audits of the project.

Constantly improve production and service systems by increasing quality and productivity, thereby reducing costs. To achieve Zero defect in our production is our ultimate goal.

Quality Control

Management of quality

Quality System under process for ISO certification.

Customer corrective actions log.

Quality audits.

Key result area identification management.

Effective training and HR Development Program.

Problem solving ability development.

Quality planning & change control

Availability of systems to update current / pertinent drawing.

Control Plans.

Work Instructions for special processes.

Method of implementing engineering changes in production.

Control of purchased material

Sub-Supplier management system.

Procurement of supplies from approved suppliers.

Records of incoming materials.

Materials Identification for its uses.

Product feature verification.

Control during Processing

Implementation of control plan on shop floor.

First piece inspection and approval process.

Identification of In-process materials

Maintenance system implementation.

Tools and dies and other manufacturing facilities maintenance.

Application of statistical tools and techniques.

Quality of process control.

Internal product quality performances.

Control on finished Product

Evaluation of finished parts before dispatch.

Logistics delivery performance.

Physical verification of components/finished parts for critical characteristics.

Control of non conforming parts and corrective action capability

Action log.

Customer Complaint handling mechanisms.

Salvaging action on non-conforming parts.

Analysis of non-conforming products.