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The Maniar Group’s repertoire consists of a large range of equipments, which have long been considered the benchmark for providing environment friendly solutions to most of our day to day problems. An important contribution of these equipments has been the way in which they have taken over their human counterparts in performing various tasks. They have helped in restoring human dignity and values to both, the people who benefit from them and the people who work with them.


Equipment used for Day to Day waste i.e dry or wet garbage, refuse from household, manufacturing, construction, and Hotel industries are disposed to the landfill site or recycling plant.


Equipment used for cleaning & Maintaining the drain, cesspool, cesspit, manhole chambers in continuous operation and the disposal of the such liquid waste from one site to another.


Hydraulic Platforms for Maintenance of Buildings, street light, high mast, Plants & Machinery, high rise construction and rescue purpose.


Compact and efficient for lifting heavy loads. Used in the Defense, transport, construction, manufacturing industry. Available in Straight and Knuckle boom.


Used for cleaning of streets, highways, plants, ports, industries and Hosing colonies. Available in Mechanical as well as vacuum based.


Bring your difficulties / Problem and we have a solution.


Sewer Cleaning High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pumps and Vacuum Pumps with its Accessories.