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Nalah Cleaning Machine

Maniar & Co. for all these years has worked extensively towards giving solutions for activities required human involvement for cleaning of manholes etc., the latest innovation “NALAHMAN”, is a unique machine designed for efficient cleaning of road side open drains. Road side open drains were conventionally cleaned manually or by Back-Hoe loaders (Like JCBs) which are designed for digging. In Back –Hoe loader the operator is sitting in center of the machine off-set to the drain making it vulnerable of breaking the side walls if misjudge or loses control. More over the silt removed from the drains is dumped on the ground and collected by another agency.

The machine is available on trailer chassis towed by min. 35 HP tractor, on 4-wheeler Jeep Vehicle and also on heavy Truck Chassis. The power required for hydraulic operation is taken from Tractor’s P.T.O through propeller joint. Similarly for the Machines mounted on Jeep or Truck Chassis, the required power is taken from Vehicle’s engine through P.T.O. The function is fully hydraulic, operated through lever controlled valve provided near the operator’s seat. The telescopic side box section can be extended hydraulically for better reach and visibility of the ditch / nalah. The boom has a 90˚ (degree) angle and is attached with ditch bucket of approximately 50 liters for collection of silt / mud / sediment and is directly emptied in to the trailer body attached with the chassis / vehicle as the case may be. This reduces / eliminates the process of re-handling of the collected silt. The collected silt can be dumped / emptied hydraulically at the dumping site.


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Salient Features

It is developed on a Tractor- Trailer chassis.

The Back-hoe can be extended and the person working on it can rotate in 90 degree direction.


It can collect silt, mud, debris etc. from a depth of 5 feet and can accumulate the same in the trailer.

It is very convenient and no skilled person is required to operate it.

Nalah Man can be develop on any 1 Toner Tata-207, Tempo Trax, Mahindra Pickup with or without collection tray.

N.B.: Changing the Grab Bucket, equipment can be used in lifting the Garbage heaps.


Performance On mahindra 4*4 pickup On Trailer
Max depth below ground level 1.5 mtr. approx
Max outhreach 3.3 mtr. approx
Max lifting height 4.4 mtr. approx
Lateral box extension 0.8 mtr.
Bucket capacity 0.05 cu.m