Being superior on technical fronts and strong after sales service provided to the products, we keep on receiving import inquiries from various countries for their customized or regular requirements. We also take an equal interest in new developing technologies abroad and hence keep an eye on technology driven companies for potential tie-ups and collaborations.


Sound technical support has enabled us to keep our prices at an incredible affordable level hence enabling many developing countries to import our products and send in repeat orders for more. Some of the countries with the respective products exported by us are as follows :


Sri Lanka





Rep. of Maldives


Service Network

Through our vast network all over India Maniar provides the most thorough after-sales service for all its products, ensuring that the customer faces no difficulty while using our products. We are having our own service engineers and technicians to solve the most complicated problems at the clients doorstep.They undergo difficult stages of  training so  that  they may maintain the company’s reputation in this field. The most important part of their responsibility is providing the food for the design and development department.