Maniar | Container Carrier
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Container Carrier

In this system garbage / refuse is directly collected into containers which are placed at the various collection points. The MANIAR CONTAINER CARRIER SYSTEM gripped firmly and safely the loaded container transport it to the dumping site and then container is tipped to discharge its load. The system comprises of a pair of powerful hydraulic arms with parallel linkage system.

The system is unique, easy operation, hygienic in keeping city clean, flexible method of handling debris / garbage / refuse and discarded building materials.

This operation manual is primarily concerned with MANIAR CONTAINER CARRIER SYSTEM including its operation and maintenance instruction. In addition general safety and list of parts are also included.


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Salient Features

One System can easily handle up to 10- 15 Containers of 2.5 / 4.0 m3 depending upon the lead distance from garbage collection point to dumping Site.

The System with the loaded container is transported to the dumping site and the same is tipped hydraulically to discharge its load.

This much economical System is developed to facilitate small municipalities in handling their municipal solid waste, since one can easily find at least a 35 HP Tractor in every small or big municipality.


It is simple, easy and convenient to operate.

The Main Advantages of this machine are as under : totally hygienic, no waiting period, more trips and less manpower required.

At the most two persons are required to drive or operate the System and that too without any technical skill.

It has a low maintenance cost.

When not in use the System can easily be detached and the tractor can be used for other applications.

Its ability to load the container from sides, helps in avoiding traffic problems.


Cap. : 2.5 / 4.0m3