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Refuse Compactor has a function to collect the waste from the container and reduce the volume inside the machine. The compaction of the garbage is done by hydraulic and mechanical system. A compaction plate inside the machine has two functions. It is used for reducing the volume of the garbage and it is used to empty the garbage from the machine. A hydraulic system with side loading is provided to empty the container in the compactor.


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Salient Features

Safety is Maniar’s priority. All the bin lifting system are installed with the check valves to ensure in the event of hose failures, the bin doesn’t come falling down.

Hydraulic garbage container empting facility.

Safety locks for the bin lifting system.

No human touch , 100% hygienic.

Easy to use and no maintenance.


It is easy to operate as no human touch is required.

One man is sufficient.

Economical and available at an optimum Price.

Its ability to load the container from sides, helps in avoiding traffic problems.


Vehicle : Trailer mounted / Truck Mounted

Capacity : 8 / 10 /14 CBM

Compaction Ratio : 2:1 / 3:1

Drive : Tractor driven / Auxiliary Engine

Bin Lifting Capacity : 200 / 1100 Liters

Tail Gate capacity : Side loading / 1.0 / 1.5 CBM


Small Town Ships, City Council & Big Factories.