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bin-lifter is a best product of maniar company.
Bin Lifter, Best Product, Maniar
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Bin Lifter

Waste material is put inside the hopper manually. But in the Bin lifting system an arrangement is provided where the bins can be emptied into the hopper using hydraulic system.

Bins with 200 litres or 500 litres capacity is provided in every house or corner of the street. The garbage can be emptied into these bins, which can later be emptied into the hopper using Bin Lifting System.

The hopper than disposes the material into the nearby the container or Refuse Compactor.

The bin lifting system can be mounted on various vehicle from mini trucks to HCV with different capacity of hopper and bins.

The power to operate the hydraulic system Is taken from the PTO. All the components like cylinder, hoses, control valve, fittings are of highest equality. It is also fitted with filter system for the hydraulic oil. All the hydraulic cylinders are installed with the check valves to ensure in the event of hose failures, the bin doesn’t come falling down. Easy to use and no maintenance.


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LCV Bin Lifter Mini-truck Bin Lifter

Salient Features

Check Valves for safety in the event of power/ hose failure.

Easy to use and low maintenance.

Cylinders, hoses, fittings and other accessories are of the highest quality.


Can easily enter in Narrow Lanes/by lanes.

Number of Trips can be increased.

It is easy to operate as no human touch is required.

One man is sufficient.

Economical and available at an optimum Price.

Its ability to load the container from sides, helps in avoiding traffic problems.


Hopper Capacity: 2 – 3 CBM

Bin Capacity: 200 kgs – 1 CBM

Lifting system : Rear lifting


Small Town Ships, City Council & Big Factories.